Welcome to 2 Thrive Network! I am so excited about our first Blog! 2 Thrive Network is an empowerment network of supportive women to inspire and embrace one another to turn their dreams into reality and live a life they love. My name is Dr. Diane Lass. I am a Clinical Psychologist. The idea of the 2 Thrive Network was developed through my Nonprofit: Center for Hope and Strength, Inc., which provides services for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims.

After years of working with victims and watching them not only become survivors of abuse, I was blessed to witness their journeys as they continued to blossom into Thrivers. I noticed the same progression with my clients through my Private Practice: Hope and Strength Psychological Services. In addition, I personally suffered the loss of my mother to Pneumonia and 5 months later the loss my husband instantly to a sudden, massive heart attack. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from traumas, whether it is violence, divorce, loss of jobs, empty nest, death, etc., but in the end, trauma is trauma – “life” happens.

I find it interesting that I had decided that today would be my first Blog post. It has been 7 and 7 ½ years since I lost my husband and my mother. Before my husband suddenly passed, I was scheduled to take 2 licensing exams to be a licensed Clinical Psychologist – to say the least these exams are brutal, but after his death I was not sure I could concentrate. I remember thinking, Steve would be so angry if I didn’t take these exams and I felt as though I would have wasted 10 years of our time together while I gathered my degrees. I knew I didn’t have any other choice than to take and pass the exams. In the mornings, I would come downstairs in the dark and sit on the couch with my laptop and start studying. Suddenly, it would once again be dark and I would think, “it is nighttime, I guess I should get off the couch.” Days just passed. I could not tell you when I took the exams as that time was a blur. I believe, no, I know, studying helped me to “survive” the trauma of losing my best friend and lover.

Another plan that Steve and I had was to one day buy a second home in Palm Desert. We would go to Palm Desert several times during low season as there were very few people out there, it was hot, and we loved both. Ironically, the low season started on May 30th and ended on October 15th. Steve died on May 30th and our wedding anniversary was on October 15th. For some unknown reason, 2 years ago, I decided to buy that second home. Wasn’t quite sure why and now and then wondered if I made the right decision. This morning was one of those times that I questioned my decision. I wondered if it was impulsive, was I trying to recreate our life together? Would it all make sense at some point? Then I went on Facebook. You know those memories that come up? This morning I noticed a post that was dated September 16, 2010. I had commented on how excited I was because I had passed my licensing exams and I had thanked my family and friends for their support as I could not have done it without them. I thought, that is when I passed my exams. Then I noticed that I had posted it at 9:16 am! What are the chances? On 9/16 at 9:16! Not only that, the place I bought in Palm Desert? It closed escrow on 9/16/2015! You have to understand, I have forever been a number person and a date person. It was crazy! But in that moment, I felt reassured. I felt as though my mom and husband were there with me, they were proud of me and yes, it was a good idea to buy in Palm Desert. So, seems to me that 9/16/2017 is the perfect day for my first Blog as well.

As I mentioned, I am so very excited about 2 Thrive Network. This has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I know firsthand how important strong, supportive relationships are. Especially those with like-minded women. I know “life” happens and I am eternally grateful to all of the supportive people in my life that helped me to not only survive, but to Thrive. My clients say I have done so much for them, but I don’t think they understand how much they have done for me as well. I love my career. I am blessed to work with clients and to watch them empower themselves. So, welcome 2 Thrive Network! A community of supportive women, which will inspire and embrace one another to turn their dreams into reality and live a life they love. Too much fun! Please post on our blogs – become a part of our community to help one another live our lives to the fullest.

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  1. Enlightening.
    Lost my husband over 10 years. My mom 10 months ago. My dad 20 years ago. Only child. A mom to 2 adults. We all still live together. Stuck in time. My daughter was in a 7 year relationship that went sour. My son deals with ibs and pelvic floor issues. Thank for sharing part of your journey

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