Welcome to 2 Thrive Network, an empowerment network of supportive women to inspire and embrace one another to turn their dreams into reality and live a life they love. My name is Dr. Diane Lass. I am a Clinical Psychologist. The idea of the 2 Thrive Network was developed through my Nonprofit: Center for Hope and Strength, Inc., which provides services for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims.

After years of working with victims and watching them not only becoming survivors of abuse, I was inspired by their journey as they continued to blossom into Thrivers. I noticed the same progression with my clients through my Private Practice: Hope and Strength Psychological Services. In addition, I personally suffered the loss of my Mother to Pneumonia and 5 months later the loss my husband instantly to a sudden, massive heart attack. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from traumas, whether it is violence, divorce, loss of jobs, empty nest, death, etc., but in the end, trauma is trauma – “life” happens.

2 Thrive Network is a supportive environment where women support, empower, inspire and lift up one another. Please post on our blogs – become a part of our community to help one another live our lives to the fullest.